Villages are a small-ish Structure consisting of multiple huts or houses grouped together in a Forest or Highland island.


Villages are small groupings of several wooden buildings resembling huts and small houses, connected by pathways of gravel or sand roads. All roads are lit with torches. At the centre of every village is a well. Most medium to large sized villages will have a stone wall, smaller villages will have a fence or nothing at all.


Villages house Villagers. In villages, the player can trade with the Villagers, using the blacksmith to upgrade tools, farms and butchers to get food, and libraries to enchant armour and weapons. Villages are basically an all-purpose fuel station.

Each Village has a Stone Golem watching over it, and will attack any animal or player that harms the village's inhabitants. This is vital, especially for smaller villages, as Skeletons, Skeleton Druids, and other aggressive animals will frequently invade Villages.