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Lichen Edit

A lichen-like plant that grows in masive sheets on Tree Coral.

Feathers Edit

Another common form of underbrush that is 1.5m tall. It has a short brown stem that becomes 2-3 branches holding large glowing silver-blue feathers. It resembles sea pens to some degree.

Barbweed Edit

Barbweed are a type of grass which are generally 1-2m tall and form large plains. Their tips are barb-shaped. They grow in the Shallows, Kelp Forest, Sparse Forest and Coral Caves.

Kite KelpEdit

It is made up of hundreds of small kite-shaped scales, each 0.5m wide, creating a patchwork blanket between 3m and 4m wide. They grow in the Shallows and Kelp Forest.

When broken, it drops Kite Kelp Scales, which can be used to reinforce armour.

Jellyplant Edit

They are made up of three or four thin branches, often with others branching off those, that hold hanging fruit resembling miniature jellyfish. They grow in the Shallows, Kelp Forest, Coral Caves, and Mushroom Forest.

They are generally 2-3m tall.

When broken, they drop Jellyfruit, which can be eaten to replenish 30 hunger or replanted to farm.

Purple PineconeEdit

They are small pinecones with a purplish colour and are roughly 1m tall. They grow in the Coral Caves, Mushroom Forest, and Grand Reef.

Fishtrap Edit

They bear resemblance to real-life Venus Flytraps, albeit transparent and much, much bigger. The mouths are 3m to 6m in diameter, and on vines that coil around the ground or trees. The mouths are usually hung open.

If an animal (or player) smaller than the Venus Flytrap wanders in, the mouth will close, dealing -5 damage per second until the animal dies, after which the Venus Flytrap will open.

They have an HP of 100, and can be cut open from the inside, though unless the root is destroyed, the mouth will grow back.

Purple Branches Edit

They are clusters of branches which are purple in colour. They are slightly teardrop-shaped and are 3m tall. They grow in the Coral Caves and Mushroom Forest.