Thunder Rams are a hostile animal in the Mountain biome.


They resemble real-life mountain goats, albeit with unusually large horns. Their fur is poofed outward, like it were electrified, and electricity occasionally sparks around them.


Health: 30

Speed (normally): 60

Speed (charging): 150

Attack (charge): -5 plus 20-meter knockback.

Thunder Rams form large groups with a central leader. They will battle with other herds occasionally. If any animal gets within 10 meters of them, they will charge directly at the animal. If they hit the target while charging, a giant lighting bolt will hit shoot from their horns to the target, dealing -5 health and throwing the target back 20 meters, making them especially dangerous near cliffs. They cannot change direction or stop while charging, and they will receive damage when running into solid objects, so dodging their attacks so they hit a wall or run off a cliff is a useful strategy against them.