The Soldier is good for all-around combat, with medium/high health and a powerful rocket launcher that wipe out multiple foes in one hit.

Damage Values Edit

Stats Edit

  • HP: 200
  • Speed: 80

Rocket Launcher Edit

  • Projectiles explode on contact to anything, dealing roughly 2 meters of splash damage, as well as massive knockback.
  • Close range: 120 dph.
  • Medium range: 60 dph.
  • Far range: 20 dph.
  • Has 0.8-second attack interval, however only two rockets may exist at a time.

Bugle Edit

  • As the Soldier deals damage, his Rage meter will fill up. Once full (roughly 150 dph sustained), it can be activated.
  • All teammates within 5 meters are given a 5-second speed boost and crit boost.

Design Edit

He is based off a typical soldier, with a knee-length team-coloured coat, multiple bandoleers with pouches on them, and a black bandana covering his nose and mouth. He has black gloves, his left arm and leg are replaced with prosthetics, and a stylized WW1 British helmet.