This is a horror game. It is a super-secret project. Don't tell anyone. No, not even him. Or him.

Map Edit

It is set in an mysterious laboratory setting, which is seemingly dedicated to the discovery and containment of weird and supernatural lifeforms.

The map is randomly generated at the start, and the map will change as the player goes on. There are, however, certain rooms which are set in stone and can be sued as landmarks.

Mechanics Edit

Flashlight Edit

  • It is used to illuminate the area in front of the player, this is most useful for checking the doors and vents, which are dead darkness otherwise.

Specimens Edit

Specimen One Edit

  • An iron angel statue that is corroded slightly due to a black substance seeping from its eyes. It cannot move while in view however is exceptionally fast when out-of-view.

Specimen 2 Edit

Specimen 3 Edit

Specimen 4 Edit

Specimen 5 Edit

Specimen 6 Edit