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Trooper: "OF COURSE! None of us are real! We are all alcohol-induced hallucinations of Angus. We are all going to turn into pink fluffy unicorns in a minute, if my theory is correct."

Trooper: "Hello, Fat Angus!"

Angus: "You know the Beer Every Month club? Well, I joined The Beer All At Once club."

Lara: "This is a coin."

Trooper: "Oh, God, no..."

Lara: "That's not all."

Trooper: "I can't stand it...the horror..."

Trooper: "I am fully within my rights as your former roommate to kill your current roommate."

“Good morning, class." The teacher said, writing on the board. "How are we all today?"

"It's a wonderful day, Miss Smith." Everyone in the class said in unison. Like clockwork.

"Now, open your books to Chapter 8. We're going to be talking about something very serious today. The Great War." The teacher said.

"Yes, Miss Smith." Everyone said in unison, flipping through the pages of their books, everyone except one.

"Now, who can tell me which battle ended the war?" Miss Smith asked.

Everyone's hands suddenly went up. Everyone except one.

"Astrid, dear, why don't you answer this one?" Miss Smith asked, turning to the girl. The only girl who hadn't said anything or done anything yet.

"Most people would say the Battle of Sturges, but I don't think the war's quite done yet." She replied.

"Astrid, why do you keep insisting the war's not over?" Miss Smith asked.

"Yeah, freak! The war's over!" a kid yelled.

"Ochre, that is very inappropriate language!" Miss Smith hissed, then turned back to Astrid. "The war is over. The cruel Queens are dead, and the one Queen destined to rule has persevered."

"Why did they resist? The SandWings who followed the cruel Queens, I mean." another kid asked.

"They didn't know what to think. They didn't have the Wings of Fire." Miss Smith said, shrugging.

"You mean they didn't think what you think." Astrid corrected. "Blister is forcing us to believe one thing, and one thing only."

"Astrid, honey, we're not forcing you to believe one thing. We're showing you how to believe." Miss Smith said, smiling warmly.

Astrid was jolted awake, screaming. She was in that metal chair again, bolted down. The drill pierced her skull, it had hurt. Again.

"How's the subject?" a doctor asked, walking in.

"She's woken up." another said.

"I didn't know subjects could wake up during this procedure." the first doctor replied.

"Yes. She's proven very...resistant to the drug." the second one said.

"She always was rather good at refusing authority." the first one said absentmindedly.

"Sorry, who are you?" the second doctor asked.

"Oh, no-one in particular. Just a healer." With that, the first doctor punched the other one, and

released a spray of some green gas, knocking everyone out.

"C'mon, Astrid. We've got to get you out of here." A SkyWing/MudWing hybrid said, running in, trying to get his sister out, but was struggling with the locks on the chair.

"It won't be too long before we're discovered." Healer said, peering out the door. "We've got to go."

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