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Tiny Fish Edit

A small, 1m-long fish whose body resembles that of a ray or skate, but with the fins forming a clear backwards arch. Rather than a single stinger, it has multiple thin tentacles, similar to a jellyfish, but use dpurely of swimming rather than attack.

It is cathemeral, though hugs the ground at night. It spends most of its time grazing on kelp or other plants.

Underwater ButterflyEdit


The Underwater Butterfly's inspiration; the Glaucus atlanticus.

It resembles a Glaucus atlanticus, however two meters long, and with a snout. It also has two small ear-like structures on top of its head, apparently used for communication.

It glides slowly along the sea floor, grazing on small flora. It is dirunal, hiding under rocks at night.

Glow WormEdit


A tomopteris, the Glow Worm's inspiration.

An odd, worm-like creature resemblling a tompoteris, however six meters long and with a head.

For the most part, they simply peacefully through the water, filter-feeding. They are nocturnal.


A large, sixty-meter-long entity vaguely resembling a whale. It has six flippers, and a distinctly more mammalian snout, shaped somewhat like the bow of a ship. It has a small crest reminescent of a Triceratops, with multiple long antennae, topped with bioluminescent frills, attatched to it.

It gently glides in small pods in open water, occasionally opening its mouth to feed. While passive, anything that drifts inside its mouth--players included--will be swallowed and die.