Beta Version of the Orca.

Orcas, sometimes called Killer Whales, are a flying hostile animal that inhabit the Mid, Outer and Rim rings, as well as the Beyond.

Appearence Edit

They look like real-life orcas, but with their front flippers replaced with four huge bat-like wings that vaguely resemble solar panels. Their tail is made up of three long, skinny tails that go outward and meet up in the middle, holding a blue crystal ball that glows.

AI Edit

Health: Soon to be added

Speed (normal): Soon to be added

Speed (charging): Soon to be added

They kill stuff, especially Space Whales.


  • The shape of their tails is a reference to the 1999-2003 science-fiction show Farscape by mimicking the tail shape of the Leviathans, a species of organic spaceship.