Overview Edit

An open-world survival game. It comprises of a giant ocean dotted by very small, very far-away islands.

  • The day/night cycle is exactly 25 minutes, as the day lasts fifteen minutes, and night lasts ten.

Zones Edit

List of Zones:

The map is randomly generated, as each biome springs from a single "Core" block. Upon loading, the Cores will jump to a random location, check that they are not within a couple hundred meters of another Core, and build the biome.

Generated StructuresEdit

List of Generated Structures:

Cities, buildings, monuments, and other manmade objects that generate within the world. They spawn randomly, however are still affected by things such as oceanic zone.


List of Passive Mobs:

Lost of Defensive Mobs:

List of Hostile Mobs:

List of Civilized Mobs:

List of Vegetation:

List of Coral:

Passive Mobs don't harm the player, nor any other animal (at least not intentionally). Many are catachable and edible. Defensive mobs will not harm the player unless s/he harms or provokes them. Hostile Mobs will attack the player with no provocation.

Note there are no HP values. This is because problem-solving and quick thinking are used instead of all-out attack.