Although Gimeubrand takes place on Earth, its history is VERY different from the Earth we know. The biggest difference is that the Roman Catholic Church was never founded, and as a result education was never halted, so technology swept forward quickly, and the steam engine was invented in 1590. The steam engine never went out of favour, and is still being used in the late 1850's.


Note important events are in italics.

16th CenturyEdit

Circa 1590: The Steam Engine is invented in London.

17th CenturyEdit

Circa 1680: The Hayes family begins manufacturing rum, something that the Original Grenadier and his clones later becomes a fan of.

(real life) Circa 1680: Edward Teach, later to become Blackbeard the Pirate, is born.

18th CenturyEdit

Circa 1792: The largest supply of InsertAwesomeElementNameHere is discovered in Gimeubrand.

Circa 1792 (3 months after InsertAwesomeElementNameHere is discovered): Edmund goes on to start his company in Gimeubrand.

May 3rd, 1795: Grosvenor and Raymond are born at 1:40; their mother dies due to an unsanitary C-Section.

December 25th, 1799: Santa Clause conquers the North Pole, building a weapons shop and starting the tradition of Gimeubrian Christmas.

19th CenturyEdit

September 5th, 1800: Edmund dies at age 90. In his will he gives his company to Raymond, all his house and deeds (as well as something that was covered by an ink blotch) to Elizabeth, and nothing to Grosvenor...except a flat tire.

November 5th, 1800: Grosvenor starts founds Blue Mountain Mining Co. and subsequently studies law, specifically, how to take over someone else's company.

June 5th, 1805: The Mercenary Wars begin.

December 25, 1820: Santa Claus becomes a regular fairy tale around the world. Apparently, all the bad kids are kidnapped and sent to work in his weapons shop; all the nice kids are given the greatest gift of all: not getting kidnapped.

Circa 1821: SOMEHOW both companies (Raymond’s and Grosvenor’s) split up into multiple fronts and sub-companies, and over a 20-year-period, each control half the world’s economy and half of all major governments.

Circa 1823: Grosvenor decides that the mercenary fighting is pointless and contracts the Original Medic to build him a life-support machine. The Original medic is later contacted by Elizabeth, who pays him 500,000 pounds of SomeAwesomeElementName to build another machine for Raymond and herself. Effectively, the three of them are immortal.

Unknown Date: Due to lack of either brother dying and any obvious bureaucratic solution, the mercenary fighting resumes. Grosvenor hires Elizabeth, and she secretly begins working for both companies. She then contracts the Original Medic to build a cloning machine, and the clone fighting begins.

20th Century (thus the story begins)Edit

June 21, 1945: Astrid Vera Achterberg and Aurora, both Medics of opposite teams, discover the cloning process and the Original Spy is forced to kill Aurora.

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