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They resemble terrestrial frogs, however are two meters long. Their legs are adapted to swimming rather than jumping, however they do occasionally use their hind legs to push off of rocks or obstacles. They feature six axolotl-esuq external gills, though longer and more frill-like. Like real frogs, they have maxillary teeth, however they are much longer (but still short). They both lunge at close-by prey as well as fire off a tongue. When firing their tongue at prey, the prey is retracted along with it, however when firing it at the player, a poison barb is revealed.

They mainly swim peacefully in the shallows, eating fish. If the player gets too close or attacks them, they will strike back, eitehr by biting or firing their tongue once or twice, then swim away. They are crepuscular.

Aquatic ElephantEdit

A large crustacean, roughly 20m tall, whose body resembles that of a harvestman (Opiliones), however with six legs and an upright stature. Their head is reminescent of a nut weevil, allowing them to reach the ground. Unlike nut weevils, their antennae (which resemble squid feelers) are attatched between their eyes rather than their snout and their snout is straight, featuring a joint near the bottom. 

They slowly walk in small herds along the sea floor, grazing on the plants. Their (placeholder) name is due to them resembling elephants both physically and mentally.