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Caves Edit

Large, common, versatile structures found in nearly every Zone. They are typically heavy in ores and such. Most have a vertical layout and have plants growing densely, fighting for light wherever they can get it.

Lookout Tower Edit

A simple lookout tower, ranging between 100m and 150m tall, and 40m wide. The constrcution of the towers looks similar to that of a basic lookout tower, using logs to support itself with x-shaped crossbeams.

Labyrinth Edit

A large, complex underground area made mostly of Marble, and with a complex layout consisting of corridors, stairs, and ladders. A Minotaur is guaranteed to spawn in them.

Dark Tower Edit

An extremely tall tower with smaller tower offshooting from it. It takes advantage of the high ceiling, being the tallest Structure, and is always surrounded by a Dark Forest.