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Sherlock HolmesEdit

Sherlock Holmes is a fully humanoid robot, indistinguishable from a human in almost every fashion, who was invented by roboticist John Watson. He spent the first six years of his 'life' as a mere computer program prowling the streets of London in the 19th Century. In 4850, he was made aware of his true nature and his program was downloaded into a robot.

In both his 19th Century and 49th Century versions, he wore a long black greatcoat with the collar folded up and a dark purple scarf. On the few occasions he removed his greatcoat, he wore a black or sometimes dark blue waistcoat and a white undershirt.

His hair is always a messy dark brown mop with spikes going out in all directions randomly, and he has a signature forelock on the left side of his head that forms as two spikes going outward (see photo, which I haven't added yet). He also has a pair of goggles that, unlike many goggles, actually have a use.

John WatsonEdit

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