The Suns Edit

There are two stars in the solar system--a Class A, and a Class M. The Class A star appears about 10 times larger than the Sun on Earth, indicating it to be a supergiant. The Class M is about 6 times larger than the Sun on Earth, indicating it to be a mere giant.

According to mythology, there is a single golden temple hung stationary between the two rotating stars, and that temple is where all life in the universe began.

Violetic Edit

The first planet from the Suns. It is tiny, bout the size of Earth, and appears as a tiny grey dot in the sky. If viewed under a microscope, it appears as a grey stone planet with webs of lava spewing out everywhere.

Rilmin Edit

The second planet from the Suns. It is a big ball of brownish/red rock, with some bright golden specks. It has a single moon which is visible via telescope, and is a mere captured asteroid.

Posiedon Edit

It is the third planet from the Suns, and is an ocean planet with large ice caps and random, continent-sized glaciers. It has two moons, a large rocky moon and a smaller ice moon.

Danlena Edit

It is the fourth planet and a greenish/blue Gas Giant about the size of Jupiter. It has very thick, Saturn-like rings and two moons: a greyish rock moon and white ice moon.

Asteroid belt Edit

Titan Edit

It is the fifth planet and a giant red Gas Giant three-ish times bigger than Danlena. It has a single ring that burns a bright gold in colour, looking like a thin halo around it. It has a giant red tornado that takes up 25% of the surface that is always pointing at Danlena, like a big eye staring at it. It also has five moons, two rock planets, one Earth-sized volcanic planet covered in sulfur (like real-life Io), one Earth-sized ocean moon, and a huge ice moon with some unmelted ocean near the equator.

According to mythology, Titan is Hell, and the home of the Devil and the Demon armies. They strive to kill all life in the universe, mostly out of envy from the golden temple in the Suns.

Sixth Planet Edit

It is the sixth planet and a dark blue gas giant with some ice caps.

Seventh Planet Edit

It is a tiny, rocky planet about the size of Earth. It has a moon that is about half the size it is.