They are a hive-based species which grows many underwater hives similar to beehives. They tend to prefer water as deep as possible, often taking over caves and the ocean floor.

They resemble eels, however with four limbs resembling flippers, but with opposable spines attatched. They have a tadpole-like fin on both their back and underbelly. On their back, they have two rows of spines used to detect faint smells and vibrations.

Their heads are rounded and mostly covered in a semi-transparent visor hiding their eyes. They have clear needle-like teeth. Their mouth has no lips; the teeth are simply built onto the surface. Their tongue is similar to a frog's and has a toxic barb on the end, allowing them to stun or kill prey from a distance.

They are capable of sight in near-pitch black, have excellent hearing and echolocation, have an exceptional sence of smell, can detect vibrations, electromagnetic pulses, and a low-level telepathy with each-other.


They live in a caste system, with each member's physiology altered to suit their